1. Catherine Walker Ltd (“we”) offers a service to make our set designs to the client’s (“you/your”) measurements. “The order” refers to the particular garment service as summarised on the associated invoice.


  1. The set design, usually a sample in our showroom, is the basis of the order. If any small variations to the set design are agreed with us they will be noted at the time of the order.
  1. Please note that the price of the order does not include any other design changes, for example at fittings.
  1. If you are a different size to the showroom sample then the final product will differ from the appearance of the sample in the showroom.


  1. If we provide you with a sample of fabric or an illustration, please only use them for general guidance.
  1. Although we do our best to match the colour to any sample swatch provided, the final fabric may vary in shade or texture from that presented to you for guidance.


7. Your measurements will be noted at the time of the order. Once patterns are cut to the noted measurements, dimensional changes to the order may not be possible without extra work and therefore an extra charge. Changes can also mean a delay in completing the order.

8. Please let us know if your measurements might change during the order, for example if are intending to lose or gain weight, or wear shoes with a different heel height, or undergarments that alter the figure. Any such information must be provided to us before the order is placed.

9. We will not be responsible for any delay or loss incurred by you due to changes in body size or shape once the order is placed.


10. Please be prepared for at least three fittings; however there may be more depending on the complexity of the design and the fit. If you wish we will try to give an estimate of the number of fittings required at the start of the order but we cannot guarantee the exact number of fittings.


11. A 50% deposit is required with the order.

12. By paying the deposit you give consent to us to purchase fabrics and other components, and to start work in our studios.


13. The cost of your order does not include a delivery service. We will be happy to send goods under your instructions and add the shipping cost to the price of the order. We will not be responsible for the cost of any customs, duty, or other importation fees, or other formalities in the country where you live. We will take your instructions to effect insurance in your name for the shipping of the order, but we cannot be held responsible for any delays loss or damage to goods in transit.

14. The balance outstanding on your order is to be paid on or before collection.  Bank transfers must be made the day before the order is collected.  Cheques must be cleared before collection of the order.


15. When placing the order you will provide us with your full address, a working phone number and/or email address at which you can be contacted. We will use these contact details to notify you of the progress of the order.


16. If you decide to cancel the order once we have started work on your order, and/or once we have ordered fabrics, then the deposit you have paid will not be refunded. This is because once an order has been placed costs are immediately incurred by us.

17. Should you cancel the order between the time work has started on your order, and/or the fabrics are ordered by us, but before the goods are complete (for example, after initial fittings) then we reserve the right to collect from you a proportion of the balance due, representing the work completed by us.

18. If the goods are complete or nearly complete then, in addition to the deposit, we will look to you for the whole balance due.

19. We will consider any order cancelled by you if we do not hear from you for three months after we have notified you that the goods are ready for fitting or collection.

20. If we decide to cancel the order, for example because of supply difficulties, then any deposit paid will be refunded to you in full. No other claim will be accepted other than those guaranteed by your statutory rights.


21. We cannot guarantee that the order will be completed by a certain date. If your order is for an occasion that cannot be postponed, we strongly recommend that enough time is given to allow for alternative garments to be obtained in case of cancellation.

22. We will not be responsible for delays resulting from situations within your control, such changes during the course of the order, or missed or delayed appointments.


23. When you try on and collect the order that means that you are satisfied with all details such as the fit and finish.

24. You may wish us to perform minor subjective adjustments to the garments such as for comfort. We shall do our best to complete such adjustments but this work may attract extra charges. For the avoidance of doubt, just because the garment requires or would benefit from subjective adjustments it does not mean there is a manufacturing fault or that it is not of satisfactory quality. Such adjustments are not repairs to the garment.

25. If you collect a garment without trying it on, and then ask us to carry out an alteration which could have been done if you had tried on the garment and/or upon reasonable inspection of it, such work may attract an additional charge.


26. This is a bespoke garment service in which we manufacture goods to your order and specifications. Therefore refunds and returns are not possible unless there is a manufacturing fault in your order.  We encourage you to ensure the specifications of your order are correct and complete at the time of the order.


27. Existing goods such as showroom samples or archive pieces are offered for sale on the basis that you have examined them sufficiently to ensure that they are fit for the purpose for which they are to be used.


28. Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions.